Thread: newbie needing help.

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    newbie needing help.

    Dear Administrator:

    I find this forum very useful and like it very much. But sometimes users (like me, this time) put so not suggestive titles to their threads and that makes difficult to know what kind of question is just by looking at the title.
    I know the rules says that... but, Did everyone read the rules??(I mean ALL of us) no right?
    So, I think it would be a good idea to put something like "Do not write "help needed" or "help" or "c program help" or "SOS" or "bug" or any kind of this. Please write specfic problem titles" next to the title input space.(inside POST NEW THREAD page)
    Why not?

    Please, Administrator. Is just one HTML line.

    I remember been helped so many times in this forum and I would like it to be even better.

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    There is a <<sticky>> at the top about this, altho I never read it either because I am such a civilized guy to start with.

    There could be a number of unmistakable flash and pop-up boxes, but if you are talking about new rules, that is no fun -- whereas watching people hang themselves with all the rope they find will be. Freedom has it's price guidelines, and its payoffs, creatively speaking.
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    If anything can be shown by this, it's that sites like can have about a dozen places where "use code tags" is mentioned, yet only 1% of noobs ever bother to pay any attention at all.

    It really doesn't matter how many times you say it, or how large or coloured a font you draw it in, they don't pay any attention.

    It's only "totally in your face" things like the local code tags checker which have any effect.
    I suppose a similar "your thread title is stupid" checker could also be applied.
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