Thread: Job offering, is it scam? And games starting to getting coded in C# instead of C++?

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    BTW, why do some people keep saying "prolly" instead of "probably"?
    The first time I ever saw that was when I was in Virginia...
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    I just started saying it 'cause I never could type probably right fast enough xP it was like a break in the typing, and that's annoying so I started saying prolly, didn't know it was used anywhere tho...
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    I rarely fully pronounce "probably"

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    It's used in Missouri too, although its generally reserved for familiar speech. I wouldn't use it when talking to a customer or an enginer at another company. I use it when typing, again in familiar contexts, because it is easier than typing probably, which requires much more finger movement.

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    I spell "probably" as "prolly" sometimes, but i never use it as a spoken word. I also write "tho" instead of "though" and "cos" instead of "because". Reason being: laziness.

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