Thread: small -> big -> bigger -> bigger than bigger -> ?

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    small -> big -> bigger -> bigger than bigger -> ?


    Hmm...I followed the board faq about images, but the images don't display. Bummer.

    To include an image that is not uploaded as an attachment and is located on another website, you can do so by copying the full URL to the image, (not the page on which the image is located), and either pressing the 'Insert Image' icon or by typing [img] before the URL and [/img] after it, ensuring that you do not have any spaces before or after the URL of the image.
    Looks like the [IMG][/IMG] tags got removed automatically.
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    Who cares about Pluto. It's not even a planet. It's just a big nothing.
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    Yea, I saw a video about this on Youtube. Pretty amazing!

    Here it is. It shows stars bigger than Antares!
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    Sigh and considering all those planets are unreachable that makes them useless to us.

    Other than testing "space rockets" and alike.

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    >>Sigh and considering all those planets are unreachable ...
    for now.
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    If I remember correctly from my hobby astronomy days Antares is as big as the orbit of Mars around our sun.

    Very cool pics and really give you an idea of the scale of other planets/suns in the universe.

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    The sun is 1 pixel compared to Antares. LOL!
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    This is amazing, thanx for the pictures.
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    tanx dude , thats great stuff!
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