Thread: Am I too late to learn programming?

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxorator View Post
    Well, let's correct it - it's more important to be an expert at programming logic than at a programming language.
    Yes, but the truly GOOD are good at both. But yes, logic to solve the problem is more important than knowing the order of precedence of & and =. Or knowing what happens if you use %i instead of %d on scanf.

    Compilers can produce warnings - make the compiler programmers happy: Use them!
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    Quote Originally Posted by maccat View Post
    Hi, I'm a finance grad student and I'm not young (>30 yrs old).
    I hope not, otherwise I'm screwed too!
    Quote Originally Posted by maccat View Post
    ...but during the coursework I did I had to use some statistical software. I then found out that I was attracted so much to programming and so I bought a couple of C books
    Addictive, huh?!
    Quote Originally Posted by maccat View Post
    One thing I notice is that so many programmers who are helping newbies and intermediate-level programmers and others are very young and have learnt programming since they were like 12 years old or so.
    You build up knowledge quickly, it seems. And most people aren't just speaking from theoretical knowledge but from actual experience, I've found.

    Quote Originally Posted by maccat View Post
    So my question is, am I too late to learn programming so that I can in fact use programming skills effectively in my future jobs? ...

    Even if it's just for fun you can learn as much as you want. Any secondary skills are always beneficial in business.

    Good luck and have fun.

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    I don't believe the goal of working in the computing industry as a programmer is unrealistic at the age of 30+, if you enjoy programming you will learn quickly.

    It's important to determine what part of the industry you want to be involved in - which you have done, due to the fact you want to stay within the finance sector it won't take you too long to become a proficient coder.

    Try not to become overwhelmed with the notion of being 'too old' as your bound to fail with this mind set, so keep working through your books, reading and discussing within the forums and your be coding before you know it and your think to yourself, 'what was all the fuss about?'

    btw, I'm 30, and do not consider myself to be 'old', chronologically I'm 30, but physically I feel 20 years 'young'

    oh yes, I have also made the decision to learn Assembly and C

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