Thread: He whines about the machine; he shall be denied

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    He whines about the machine; he shall be denied

    Yo, here's the scoop.

    I've got a younger, not-college bound sib that I share a bunk with. For 6 months, he whined about my POS P5- 200 being on his dresser, so I moved it. Now, he whines about it not being on it, and when I am busy typing some thesis for my Professor, he whines that he does not like the noise. So now, he shall be whining because I will lock him out. Anyway, the programs that prompt a PW at bootup are pricy, anybody know of any good ones that cost no moolah? Preferebly one that disables shortcut keys. If not, then sorry to have bothered you folks. Thanks for your time.

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    umm... doesn't a bios password simply stop you from entering the bios????? It doesn't stop you from booting the machine.

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