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Well unfortunately most of the decent virtual machine products on the market (such as VMware and Parallels) are for the mac. At some point, a mac system is a reasonable investment for most people anyway, since the mac does some things well... and I recommend it since you are interested in mac programming. You can emulate the unix environments on a mac as well if that is a step you want to take.
I disagree - VMWare is available for Linux, Windows and MacOS. Xen is another option, available for Linux, as is KVM and several others. To be able to run Xen with Windows as a guest-OS or KVM (at all) you need to have a processor with virtualization extension, such as AMD Socket F or AM2 or better - and Intel has very similar features in their processors of similar age.

I think Parallels is the ONLY virtualization software that is directly written for MacOS.