Thread: C dominated 2008's open-source project nursery

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    C dominated 2008's open-source project nursery

    This may be yesterday's news for some.

    "almost half - 47 per cent - of new projects last year used C"

    My only question is: how could 17,000 new open source projects be created last year?

    What is there possibly left to program, that hasn't been programmed already?
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    >> What is there possibly left to program, that hasn't been programmed already?

    There are two ways to look at the data which prompted this question, I think:

    "Wow, there sure is a lot for C developers to do in open source!" Or you read this sentence:
    A testament to the unreliable and inconsistent nature of the beast that can be open-source, 57 per cent of new projects offered just a single downloadable release.
    "Wow, not a lot of projects really panned out!" Chances are if a lot of programs did the same or similar things then not one of them got popular enough to possibly fill the need. In turn this prompts a lot of people to do "me too!" projects. That makes your next question a whole lot less interesting, doesn't it? You can get the feeling... it's hard to find interesting projects. Innovation is rare but valuable in society.

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