Thread: what is windows?

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    Exerpt from Malicious Mobile Code, Virus Protection for windows.

    Microsoft Windows started out strictly as a shell menu to hide the roughness of DOS, but it is slowly lessening its rreliance. Microsoft has two core Windows platforms: 9x and NT. Although they look alike, they are significantly different under the hood...

    ...All windows platforms go through a complex booting routine, different among platforms, but with some commonalities. First every Windows boot begins with a text or non-GUI boot portion before Windows really begins to boot up. It is during this process that low level hardware details are worked out, and enough system files are piled into memory to allow the larger Windows kernel to load. As windows starts up, dozens of files are loaded into memory...

    Boot sequence:

    PC Passes POST Tests

    Launches Win Boot Process

    Text/non-GUI boot portion initiates

    Pre-OS drivers and boot files loaded

    Windows boot code initialised and loaded

    Windows Starts

    Registry Checked and Consulted

    Autostart Programs, Processes, and services started.

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    Hate to break it to u boingy_man, u r wrong. Windows is a singular proper noun. Therefore, "is" is correct.

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    I think he was making a bad joke.

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    Def. bad!!! JK boingy_man

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    Besides which, it's a collective noun.

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