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    Wacky Partition Layout

    Today I made a program that examines the boot sector of a hard drive. My sources were mainly wiki, but some other places for name list etc.
    Below is a snapshot of my latest build, contrary to what it looks like. My PhysicalDrive0 has in reality 5 partitions. Plus, this HD got formated and partitioned by OME XP installation disk, so I would assume that it put on a GUID Partition Table. But, I couldn't find one, even when I examined the raw hex of the first 34 LBAs of my HD.
    If you look closely you'll notice that the given CHS points are really messed up, but that's most likely my fault.
    So my question is, what in the world is going on?

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    Since the original boot sector partition table can only hold 4 entries, if you have 5, then some of those must be "logical" rather than "physical" partitions. I'm not quite sure how you go about finding a logical partition, but google should be able to help first.

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