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    Head Nod...

    Just wondering, in countries besides the U.S.,
    is nodding your head up/down a signal for 'yes?'

    There's this person at work who, I think, is from
    Germany. He asks me questions, and sometimes I
    reply with a head nod. But yesterday I started
    thinking, what if Gemans don't know what a head
    nod means? The guy would probably think I'm a

    So, is a head nod a universal signal for 'yes,'
    or does it only apply to the United States?
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    Well... as far as I know, there are countries where it's the opposite... but not sure where though

    ...I guess your coworker should be able to tell whether you agree or disagree with him/her through other things/actions, besides the 'nod'...

    I've heard (once again, only heard...) that in some countries the way we wave 'goodbye' is the way they wave 'come here'... that is some confusion
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    Nodding your head up and down is 'yes' in all countries of Europe. And moving your head from left to right or from right to left is 'no'.

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    Yes, nodding your head seems to be pretty universal. However, I heard of cultures where it is the other way round. Don't remember who it was... but noone from Europe or North America.

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