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  • I program for a living

    21 47.73%
  • I program as a hobby

    30 68.18%
  • I program as part of an educational course at school/college/university

    17 38.64%
  • Other reason

    6 13.64%
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Thread: why do you program?

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    In my head happyclown's Avatar
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    In my head

    why do you program?

    I am learning to program in C as a hobby.

    What about you? What's your reason, and what language do you use?

    This is a multiple choice poll.
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    and the hat of sweating
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    I prefer C++ above all others, but at my current job, I'm using Java, Perl & shell scripts.
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    Out of scope
    Currently the first two... but the third might be the case in the near-to-distant future.
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    Dr Dipshi++ mike_g's Avatar
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    On me hyperplane
    Mostly, I like pressing buttons.

    For work i do: PHP, HTML, MySQL, Javascipt and Actionscript.

    For fun I play around with Python a little. I also have a Java project I should get back to ASAP. Havent done much with C for a while now, but when a friend of mine gets back from SA he might bring a PIC i can play with - that might give me a reason to go back to it,
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    1,2,3 for me.
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    1 and 2 right now but also soon to be 3. I don't really want to go back to school for another degree program but this time its for something I know I enjoy doing every day.

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    Lurking whiteflags's Avatar
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    why do you program?
    lol why didn't you program earlier?

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    Malum in se abachler's Avatar
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    It started as a hobby when I was 9, then it became a profession, now its a way of life. A lot of the research I do requires number crunching beyond the capabilites of a human.

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    Ugly C Lover audinue's Avatar
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    Jun 2008
    I program sometime just for fun, make my brain sharp , or to solve daily problem with computers.

    Somehow, I'm still young (maybe) and yet, still love to learn anything.

    And there is infinite stuff to learn with programming.
    Just GET it OFF out my mind!!

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    I'm just doing it as a hobby. C++ has been and is my all-time favorite, ever since I begun programming.
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    You mean it's included as a crutch to help ancient programmers limp along without them having to relearn too much.

    Outside of your DOS world, your header file is meaningless.

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    A long (or maybe not so long compared to other people here) time hobby. I'm a big control freak and being able to tell computers what to do is awesome =). I've always wanted to go into computer science, but decided to go for engineering (probably electrical/computer) instead at the very last chance (this year is my freshmen year).

    I started out with HTML/CSS (if you call them programming languages), then naturally javascript (DOM) and PHP

    Then I learned a bit of Java, got frustrated, gave up, and took up BASIC instead.

    I didn't know about cross-platform implementation of BASIC at that time, so when I switched to Linux, I thought I had to switch to another language.

    That's how I finally landed on C/C++, and "really" started programming. Still learning actively. Largest projects just a few thousand lines.
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    In my head happyclown's Avatar
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    In my head
    Quote Originally Posted by abachler View Post
    It started as a hobby when I was 9...
    9? That's amazing. I was still learning to walk at that age.
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    A Banana Yoshi's Avatar
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    2,3 for me.

    I start at a crisp age of 12, with tada QBASIC!
    and then C two years later.

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    Disrupting the universe Mad_guy's Avatar
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    I program so I can get all the ladies.

    EDIT: it's mainly 2. I just entered university, and have been programming since I was about 11 or 12.

    But the ladies are a big factor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad_guy View Post
    I program so I can get all the ladies.

    EDIT: it's mainly 2. I just entered university, and have been programming since I was about 11 or 12.

    But the ladies are a big factor.
    Its how I got my gf now.

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