View Poll Results: Why do you program?

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  • I program for a living

    21 47.73%
  • I program as a hobby

    30 68.18%
  • I program as part of an educational course at school/college/university

    17 38.64%
  • Other reason

    6 13.64%
Multiple Choice Poll.

Thread: why do you program?

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    I'm learning to program 'cause... I find it fun and want to make games sometime ^^ and I chose 2 and program C++
    Currently research OpenGL

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpjust View Post
    Is there something wrong with the poll percentages?
    I'm no math genius, but I'm pretty sure they should add up to 100% shouldn't they?
    With multiple choice, the percentage reflect the number of votes(for each option) versus the number of voters, not the number of votes versus the total number of votes(spread across the all the poll options). Which is why the total percentage exceeds 100%.

    Right now, there have been 41 voters, with 21 votes for option 1. So the % is 51.22% of votes versus the number of voters(21/41 = 51.22%). The same for the % in other poll options.
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