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  • I'm smoking.

    3 10.71%
  • I'm smoking when I get frustated.

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  • I'm smoking sometime.

    1 3.57%
  • I'm totaly not a smoker.

    24 85.71%

Thread: Are you smoking?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kermit View Post
    Nobody likes a quitter, Dave.
    The moments pass. Then I get right back on the horse.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zacs7 View Post
    > It's not really a New Year's resolution -- just a good turning point
    Isn't that the point of new year resolutions?

    Didn't think hikers / bushwalkers would smoke
    Normally, I didn't. It was actually one of my outdoor excursions that ended up doing it. I was in the mountains in winter visiting a hot spring. Around 11 PM after soaking for several hours I got back to the car and started driving down the mountain in a blizzard. I veered right to avoid a deep set of ruts and mired the car on the embankment. Nothing I did could remove the car -- spinning the wheels just made it slip closer to the cliff.

    I gave up when it was obvious that the car was going to slide off the cliff if I did anything else, and walked a ways downhill to find help. Eventually I found someone who drove me back into town. I got back home at about 5:00 AM and crashed for a few hours. Then I woke up, drove (different car!) to a friend's house and we both went back up the mountain to retrieve the car. We towed it out after barely saving it from falling off the cliff.

    As I drove back to town I thought to myself that a cigar might be a special treat after an ordeal like that... And that was pretty much that.
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