Thread: Anyone else have stuttering playback with the new flash?

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    Anyone else have stuttering playback with the new flash?

    Ever since I downloaded the new flash plugin, whenever I play a flash video, it stutters for a second or less every now and then instead of smooth playback. Even if I have the video fully buffered, it still gives me the problem. I never had this in previous versions.

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    I had a similar problem with a flash upgrade (but probably not the same version) where playback was almost immediately halted. Try searching your version with "playback problems" and see what comes up.

    Unless you really need the new flash, I typically solve the problem by downgrading. Stick to what works with you. Frankly I don't think adobe fixes these kinds of issues, and indeed it might not be their problem.

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    I have the same problem in certain flash games which i play in full screen in Firefox 3.0.5 after installing the new flash plugin.
    However I don't experience any such problems in videos that play on youtube.
    All I notice is stuttering caused by the darn frustrating buffering with my slow connection.
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    I always get stupid stuttering, regardless of version. And what's worse is that it is barely able to play HD movies in flash, consuming pretty much 100% and falling behind sometimes, while using DirectShow it plays with, say, 30% CPU.
    I hate flash. I simply hate the resource-sucking crap thing.
    Someone have to kill it. Or optimize it.
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    I always get stupid stuttering, regardless of version.
    Ditto that. My first reponse to the OP was going to be when don't you get stuttering in flash? Half of the issue probably comes from the fact that probably 70% or more of the people using it to make flash games don't understand frame rate at all. So they select the incorrect FPS for their SWF thus causing all kinds of problems. I made some flash games recently and pushed the FPS to 60 and had no issues....other than flash itself which attempted to work against me by babying me at every turn and on everything I wanted to do even when I didn't need it. The default in CS3 flash is 12 FPS so if the creator of the game doesn't change that then it will run slow and laggy.
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