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    XP format...

    Hi all;

    I have just formated and re-installed Windows XP, however im sure there must be a easier way than the way i had to go about doing it. I had to cuck in a win9x boot disk, and then use fdisk & format, to setup my partitions and format them. but the xp setup needs a copy of windows to run so i had to install 98 first, which need fat32 to install. so now im running xp on fat32 instead of ntfs. I had many problems during this process, so i figured there must be a beter way? How do you all format your computer with XP?

    Thanks for your help.

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    My version is an OEM license. Does that help, j/k.

    Well, since you must have the upgrade version and not the full version it might make it difficult, however it is hard to believe that you would have to be stuck with FAT32. That sucks big.

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    XP should have a format utility on it somewhere... but I'd try looking for an NTFS formatting utility..

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    this is what you do.....
    use win98 boot disk to format and fdisk your hard disk.
    run smartdrv disk cache utility from your win98 boot disk and copy the contents of the i386 folder to your hard disk.
    go to that folder and run the program winnt.exe

    that will start the DOS installation of win xp. when asked choose convert to ntfs. Then win xp will install as normal.You do not need to have win98 installed but you will need to insert your win98 cdrom to prove that you qualify for an upgrade.

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    And the FAQ is here :-

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    There is a utility for Xp called "convert" that allows you to change the file system your using. Its a long process though, but its automated so not that painful.

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