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    Stupid question

    I do not speak english very well and I was wondering if you guys thing that if I wear green socks today at work I will look more english speaking or if I am smarter just to stick with my normal tan socks.

    Thanks for your input,

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    Stupid answer

    Unfortunately, a lot of people in North America don't speak (or spell) English very well either. Maybe you should ask them what color socks they wear, and avoid that color. See if that helps.
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    Wear one tan one green. Because it seems you can half speak English

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    I can tell that your harrible at English. Its GREAN socks, doaphed! Trust me... Im a Amearicen. Besize... we never ware grean socks only on St Patricks Day!
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    try wearing no socks and see what happens. Maybe socks drain knowledge of languages from your brain?
    Wouldn't be the only way in which they're evil inventions

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    Quote Originally Posted by c++0x
    Perhaps you should wear your socks on your feet, rather than your hands.
    It seems to interfere with your ability to type.
    If you dance barefoot on the broken glass of undefined behaviour, you've got to expect the occasional cut.
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    Tan? Green? Throw them both and where black socks. A black suit. White shirt with a black tie. Black glasses and finally a red rose. And a uzi. Then people at work won't dare to think anything at all

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    A black suit. White shirt with a black tie. Black glasses and finally a red rose. And a uzi.
    Given the current tendency for idiots to walk into just about every public place and open fire I really don't find this funny at all.

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