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    Didn't you know you can simply decompile Flash files? And ActionScript's syntax isn't as close to Javascript's syntax as people tend to think.
    I didn't know about that :-D.I would have had a clue if DAE used the term "obfuscated" instead of "encrypted" in his post.

    Well, that explains it - it certainly looked like javascript.
    I had the same feeling at first glance.
    I agree with maxorator - in the apps we've made at work we use that feature - and it rounds out the functionality of a webapp quite well. I don't think it's inherently unsafe at all - if people are worried about it, they should by all means block it as mentioned above, but it really can't do any harm to your system. You just shouldn't visit sites if you know they're dumb - that's the only site I've heard of doing that.

    Lots of websites do things without your permission - if you were to disable all of them, you wouldn't have a very useful internet experience.
    I agree with that.
    *sigh*. If only the Internet was built on strict safety standards.
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    And ActionScript's syntax isn't as close to Javascript's syntax as people tend to think.
    Huh? Except for the typed features of ActionScript, the syntax is identical.

    They're both based on ECMA - so it's kind of like comparing JavaScript and C#.
    WHAT? No, no, no. ActionScript and JavaScripts are variants of ECMAScript, a scripting language standardized by the European Computer Manufacturers Association.
    C# is also standardized by the ECMA, but beyond that it has nothing at all to do with ECMAScript.
    All the buzzt!

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