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    So I have an extra credit paper due in programming class on a programming language of my choice. I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions (outside of C, C++, Java) on other interesting languages that had enough information available for 5-9 pages.

    Here are some of the criteria for the paper if this helps:

    • History of the language/related languages
    • Design goals/why was the language created
    • Properties/Characteristics/ maybe one or two short examples
    • Drawbacks/problems/shortcomings

    Not asking for any specific help, just asking for suggestions on what some would think a good language would be to cover these topics well. I assume there are some languages that would take a lot more effort to get 5-9 pages out of, so I'd kind of like one that is challenging/interesting, but also one that I don't have to scour the four corners of the Earth to find information about.

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    Lisp, perhaps? It has been around for a terribly long time, there is alot of information on it online, it has devotees that you can interrogate, etc.
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    I did something similar to this once... I believe I did COBOL but I did just 5 pages on it. I probably could have done more if I had to, though. It has plenty of history and plenty to be criticized about. Looking back, I'm sure I could have chosen a better language, but this one worked for me. These days, Lisp would probably have better resources and info online.
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    If you want something short on 'why' and long on 'drawbacks', you could try INTERCAL
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