Thread: making files unrecoverable

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    making files unrecoverable

    If I were to open a file and write to it where data already is, would the OS create a new file or just write over that character and keep the actual file intact.

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    ::reluctant -this sounds like a virus or smth::

    If it's saved, I'm thinking that it would just trash the file....

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    overwrite the hd with random data... numerous times! thats how the nsa does it fill the hd to maximum capacity before wiping sending the EOF to the whole thing

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    near a computer
    Drill holes in the HD. That works for us.
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    [sarcasm] holes schmoles... don't get yourself caught... what you need to do is run around your house ALL day with just your socks on... by about 7PM, you'll be so charged up that you'll see an arch between your finger and the drive when you get within about 10 feet of it... [/sarcasm]

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