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    System Shock didn't work on my system, so I took it back - the second one was really cool, though... I hope they make a third one that's that good...

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    My favorite video game is (and will always be because I do not play video games anymore) Privateer.
    I could never get that damn game to work on my old P-75... then again, that was 5 years ago when i was just dumb..

    All time fav would have to be Half-life... any mod, Opposing Force being the best mod... CS is good tho...

    Currently my vote goes to Mechwarrior 4... it only got REALLY addictive when I got my new joystick... M$ Sidewinder w/ Force Feedback... SUHWEET!!

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    first time posting here. this thread seems like a good place to start.

    my favorite games would have to be Quake 3: Urban Terror (its a mod but i guess it counts) and Silent Hill 1 and 2. the silent hill series scares the **** out of me, and theres so much replay value. too bad i havent much time to play.

    oh, yeah, and Afterwards (another quake 3 mod). not as well known as UrT but very fun to play.

    bloody hell, almost forgot Serious Sam.
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    Thumbs up Infantry Online

    I like Infantry the best, mainly cuz it IS the best.

    Standard RPG == 1-8 players/game
    Standard RTS == 1-8 players/game
    Standard FPS == 1-32 players/game
    Infantry == 20-150 players/game

    Plus the game is under constant development so it is always coming up with something new.

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    I've not been playing as many video games now as I did 10-15 years ago, but Uplink really has me hooked at the moment.
    Jason Deckard

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    But on infantry, it's only like 30 people per arena anyways...
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    Baldurs Gate 1/2/expansions

    and when neverwinter nights comes out it seems like it will be AWESOME

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    I'm with Brian on the Yoshi's island call, but I also like Wolfenstien. Not the return to it as much tho, it just didn't get there for me. . .

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    I like car/bike racing games. Motoracer, Motocross Madness etc but Need For Speed RULES.

    Age of Empires is also a good game. Great details.

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    Mine is MAX PAYNE... It has the Matrix effect

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    I've noticed this disturbing trend.

    Why is it that many of us (computer geeks) enjoy computer/video games?

    I, for one, do not like them. Well that's not true, I will play some that my brothers own, but I spend about 1/2 to 2 hours a week playing them.

    However, there are some people in school that do nothing else but program and play games. Its disgusting. If they're not talking about coding they're talking about this or that game and how they can beat anyone who even thinks about it. It has gotten to the point that they will sit in class and interrupt with interjections about games. Sure the discussion was on a MIPS processor and how one of the Nintendo consoles still uses a MIPS processor then somehow the conversation went to games. I was thinking. This is what I am paying over $1500 a semester for, to hear these nerds talking about <insert favorite game here>.

    I guess I am just a freak. In my spare time (which is hardley ever) I am usually reading. Right now I'm looking at Rozz Williams - from Christian Death to Death.

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    I like games, tho I rarely play 'em. If I am cought in the act of playing a game it's mostly sports where I'm playing my bro, or sometimes a good RPG. now that I think about it I AM CRAZY I have a ps2 and have played it like 3 times I'm a dumbass.
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    You live in Germany, right? I read something in
    some newsgroup that said it's against German
    law to sell video games that depict the killing
    of humans? Is this true? If it is, could you
    go to prison for playing Counterstrike?

    And to the Australians,
    I read that Grand Theft Auto 3 was banned in
    Australia because of it's content. Is this true?

    Anyway, my favorite game is Xenogears.
    Staying away from General.

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    Originally posted by nvoigt
    All time favourite ? Probably Pirates on my old Atari ST.
    At the moment ? Civilization 3 or Counterstrike.
    Hey! My first comp was a 1040. They were great machines, weren't they (compared to 286's, anyway).

    I was loyal up to the Mega 2, then I gave up for lack of software.
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    Blood 2 the chose, Serious Sam 1 & 2, Soldier of fotune, UT...
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