Thread: is C appropriate for intro to computers?

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    I ll just stick only on one thing I said, not supporting what I said about C++ vs Java/C# syntax.
    It is better to teach something more advanced than something less advance if you are going to teach the common features anyway. Just to familiarize with something more advanced. Of course if your studies are about a subject that uses specific languages you should learn those languages right away. For example, if you are going to use Java, don't use C as an introductory language, just because everybody else does. Use Java right away.

    P.S. I prefer C over all. I would gladly use C++ over C because of its new features. Now, C# is a different story. Because it is created to support the .NET framework/enviroment. So if you want to use .NET you should use C#. I don't believe C++ provides the same library with .NET. Neither I think it is wise to not have your code managed by the system when it is huge with a lot of built-in objects and you are not that a high level programmer. Java seems kind of... nothing special.

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    tabstop: I was being somewhat sarcastic. Yeah I am not actually a fan of its syntax at all. Its the only language that I know that looks like pseudo-code on its best day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by master5001
    I am a big fan of objective C.
    Obj-C(++) is love.
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    Well there you have it, someone not using sarcasm is down with the objective-c.

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