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    Interested in a Nintendo career


    It has been some years on this board. I started out as a newbie and now I am a professional .net software developer. My old interest in game development has still been growing.

    I have written some PC games but I have been recently interested in making games for Nintendo professionally. I enjoy how it tends to get families involved, has a better tendency in sharing morals and family values, and other times it's just for pure entertainment. Without better words to explain it, it seems very clicky as a career target.

    I have been quite curious in what tools/APIs they use. I'm sure it's nothing I can access right now besides studying perhaps OpenGL assuming it's the closest graphics API to Nintendo, but is C the standard language for the Wii? I enjoy C but I wonder if C++ is more the norm these days when it comes to Nintendo aka full OOP. I have a master understanding level of both C and C++, but I'm just trying to understand what's more prefered on Nintendo systems these days so I can build my game portfolio accordingly. I remember doing some homebrewing on the GBA and I remember it was all C. So I'm wondering if companies mainly stayed with C or not in this console generation. I am assuming ARM7 and ARM9 are also important to know. Any advice will be terrific.

    I would most prefer replies that have some working experience with Nintendo and not really all the open-source solutions out there.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Curiously enough, I can't find a mention of the development language, though given the limited information I've found, I'd say C++.
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