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    Lego Mindstorm challenges

    Hey guys I was asked by a professor to find some ideas of challenges the incoming students can perform using multiple sensors. I was wondering if any of you with experience with the Mindstorm/NXT stuff if you had done any 'neat' challenges. The professor said she wants to use all of the sensors in a single challenge, if possible.

    I've taken a cursory look and found the usual, e.g: kick the red ball instead of the blue ball, follow a maze of certain colored tape to get to a finish line, follow a sound, etc etc.

    Any suggestions?
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    When I was in high school we did some stuff with the Lego Mindstorms robots. One year the challenge was to successfully have the robot push all the soda-pop cans out of a designated circle in the shortest amount of time possible. (We got 3rd place in the state competition)

    The next year the competition was to have a robot navigate a maze (the same way that you described it).
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    Thanks for the ideas man.
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    In High School I used to participate in BotBall w/ the Engineering club

    They don't use Mindstorm kits like they did in the past, but the contests have remained the same. The bots are encouraged to used multiple sensors to accomplish some challenging tasks.

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    Target detection and recognition using only the sonar range finder sensor, we did this at work.

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    Were definitly not in Kasas anymore...

    2 Challenges

    I have a Lego Mindstorm kit and 2 challenges I gave my self was getting a robot to get the newspaper and and robotic hand to grab a pop from the table give to me and then put it back adzactly where it got it within an inch.

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