Thread: Spore in 4 days.

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    The ignore thing was nice to find out, I have now begun my search for earth, I watched a video of one of the designers where he shows how to find it, and I luckily found a wormhole that lets me skip clear across the core and into the andromeda arm. Still a ways to go, but that cut an enourmous amount of travel through grox territory. I need to stop at some point and buy a planet buster for when I find it MUAHAHAHAHA

    I actually have a game spot that is VERY close to where earth shoudl be, but I dont have the patience to get the interstellar drive 5 on some other race.

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    Earth? Video linky please?

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    Encountered a MAJOR Spore bug today.

    I conquered a planet to the point of them surrendering but did not get to hit the capture system button. On my next respawn I went to the system and was about to go to the planet when I saw the capture system button. I thought you could only capture while on the planet but I guess not. Well I hit the capture system button during the transition from space to planet and the entire game went berzerk. The sound was completely messed up and the render was completely black except for the GUI portion. In fact the GUI worked fine but everything else was messed up.

    I rebooted the system and loaded my saved game and found out that the screen was now always black. No rendering at all. It completely corrupted my save game file.

    If this or something else like this happens to you, all is not lost. If your save game does get corrupted you can go to this folder:

    <system_drive>\Documents and Settings\<user_name>\Application Data\SPORE\game0.old

    Copy your save game <planet_name.spo> from there to:

    <system_drive>\Documents and Settings\<user_name>\Application Data\SPORE\game0

    You won't be in the exact same spot as it will take you back to your last good save but it beats starting over. Apparently the devs are well aware that there are multiple ways to destroy your save game which is probably why they put the backup folder there.

    With no autosave it is very easy to lose a lot of progress on this game. With so many save game killing bugs there is no excuse for no autosave.

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