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    Xbox 360 Compatability

    Hey guys.

    I have an Xbox 360 Elite now and before I had the orginal Xbox before getting with the times an updating.

    The problem is, I still have a stack of old Xbox games that won't run on the 360 due to "combatability issues". After consulting the Microsoft Website they suggested I install an update for my console ( which I did ) and still none of the older games will run

    Im getting somthing similar to this:

    This Original Xbox game is not compatable with the Xbox 360 System, an update maybe avaliable, go to for details
    Im just wondering is their anything I am doing wrong or somthing I need to do? I do know not all games will run on the newer system, but im wondering if the update I installed is the right one.
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    Don't they have a list of compatible games on the XBox website somewhere? I know that not every single game on the original will work on the 360.

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