Thread: 250W PSU Is this powerful enough??

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    250W PSU Is this powerful enough??

    Hey i am building a new budget PC out of parts i have lying around. I have a 250W PSU, and i need to know if this is powerful enough to run the slot a motherboard, and slot a 750mhz CPU. I think i used to use a 300W in it, but i have none left . Can someone let me know if it will run ok with 250W.

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    Athlons normally need 300w-350w when in a box with a couple of hdd,a couple of atapi devices and 3-4 cards. I would try to get a good power supply. It will help your other components live longer. You can get a good 350w Enermax for about 40. Money well spent. As for pentiums I would expect similar requirements although not sure.
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    It depends what else you have in there. If you have two cd devices and two hard drives and a decent graphics card, fans etc then you will need a minimum of a 300W PSU.

    If you have 1 hard drive, a 3dfx graphics card and two cd devices then you will get away with it. Why? Because I did until I bought another hard drive and a better graphics card - and required a new 300W PSU to provide the power. (It actually doesn't need the extra power; it's to do with the POST of my via motherboard: although the power can be delivered the power test doesn't get it so decides to fail).

    So, even if you do have all these devices, but NOT a via mobo, it's worth trying your 250W PSU anyway.

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    you have a 750MHz processer lying around?? you could give it to me

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