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    (dev) C++ Ascii Rpg

    Hey! I'm working on a ASCII Rpg game.

    I'm not done yet, it's like 30% done.

    I'm giving it to everyone, you got the permission to edit it, do whatever you want with it.

    The gui part work, it's a Ascii gui. loading / saving works. You might need to add some new stuff such as Intelligence, speed, or whatever an rpg game needs.

    I'm still working on it. i did not stop the development. But im releasing it now just so you can see what it looks like or even make something out of it.

    I know it's nothing big, it's not like a 3d game or whatever, but im still learning c++.


    Message System above npc head

    Next version 0.03

    New link.

    Here's the download link: FILES ONLY!

    The next version will come out soon.

    Next version will contain:


    That's for the Version 0.02 maybe coming out tomorrow.

    Good luck compiling.

    And by the way, the file is 7.2 mb since there's a music file in it. The music isn't really good but oh adds spice to the game.

    --BY THE WAY: Thanks Elysia, because of you, im able to do this kind of stuff.Thank you so much. I didn't know much about c++ until you helped me.

    Some Screenshots:

    The quality is quite bad. Oh well...

    ---------------------------IN DEV------------------------

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    I wouldn't make a game in a console window. Just read up on the basics more and then use a game library.

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    I know i's just to get better in's for my learning.

    After this, i will start win32 Application programming. then after about 5 months, i will start directx.

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    I would be sure to have a solid foundation on c++ first. Win32 programming alone can be a leap if your not ready. If your seriuos though I would recommend Programming Windows. I read about half of it. Not sure if I wan't to finish.

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    But what do you think about this ascii game?

    I've been programming for 2 months now, and im having alot of fun.

    I'm only 15 now, so i got plenty of time to learn so much stuff.

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    What exactly do you mean by ascii game???
    Do you mean text(console) based?

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    An ASCII Game is a game made with Ascii char.

    It can be console. But it must be made with Ascii characters.

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    Ok..... Don't think Iv'e heard that before.

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    I have moved this to General since you appear to be neither asking for help nor recruiting developers but merely allowing others to view your work in appreciation for their past help.
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    New version 0.03.

    Npc message will be displayed above the npc.

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    Congrats, you have discovered the world of Nethack and MUDs!

    Don't listen to the naysayers. This exact kind of game has been around for a long, long time. Those who think you need fancy graphics to have a good time lack imagination, and probably require the books they read to be full of pretty pictures.
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    Thanks! im having so much fun right now working on the game, because it's my first real game, i know it's just Ascii, but it's ok for me, im learning.

    then i can move on to 2d, im learning win32 right now. but stil working on this.

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