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    Minor detail:
    !(pBuffer[i+k] == Keywords[j][k])
    would be easier to read as:
    (pBuffer[i+k] != Keywords[j][k])
    (And it's shorter to write).

    Also, along the lines of what dwks says, there is a lot of code repetition in your functions still - particularly the bit that "take next character and output either itself or &gt/&lt. I think all of the loops can be translated into a generic function that loops around until some end condition - perhaps use strchr() to see if it's in a list of characters to terminate the current colour?

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    I was just reading through this thread quickly, and I noticed something that I thought I should comment on:
    (ch == '<')? SS << "&lt;" : (ch == '>')? SS << "&gt;" : SS << ch;
    That might be easier to read as
    SS << (ch == '<' ? "&lt;" : (ch == '>' ? "&gt;" : ch));
    I really don't like nesting the conditional operator, though, so I'd suggest using if/else or switch instead. Or, better yet, perhaps something like this:
    const char *find = "<>";
    const char *replace[] = {"&lt;", "&gt;"};
    const char *p;
    if((p = strchr(find, ch))) SS << replace[p - find];
    else SS << ch;
    But maybe that's just overkill.

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