Thread: People in the UK who go online and illegally download music and films may have their

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    People in the UK who go online and illegally download music and films may have their

    I wonder how the hell that our ISP's can expect our business when,for me,what they are saying is 'your internet activity is being monitored and we are watching you.'Who in their right mind would sign up to an ISP who are actively monitoring us,even if they don't do anything illegal? It just seems to me very 1984 (George Orwell).I also heard somewhere that Branson ( Virgin Media ),wants to start charging for premium websites? Just what that means I'm not sure,but I think the days of the internet being 'free' are numbered.
    What do you think?
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    As far as I know, the whole EU is planning to do this. Well, actually not monitoring like looking what exactly someone is transfering, but logging what IPs are being connected and the amount of data being transfered, and so on.

    In here the politicians say it was a measure to reduce terrorism (Germany had no successful terrorist attacks since 1977.. heh) and crimes. I once read about Ireland, who are already logging the connections, but the article stated that the rate of solved crimes was just increased by less than a hundredth percent. If that's actually a presentable statistic.. I'd say thats too low to justify the measures to be taken to log all that information. ISPs are practically forced to buy the necessary hardware to log and store that information, although the german government said it'd refund the expenses. Like we don't already have enough debts...

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    The first post appears to be well thought out and properly positioned SPAM.
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    I should start using a proxy I guess. Not that I'm doing something worth watching.

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    All that, from the home of "freedom" internet access known as "china".
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    It tickles when they monitor me.
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