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    Otherwise we would just go the extra mile and admit there's no reason for any kind of laptop because generally speaking any desktop will always outperform a similarly priced laptop with the added benefit of being even highly customizable.

    But laptops are important machines. Up until 2 years ago I couldn't work without one. So in the market of laptops, that Qosmio - at that price and with those specs - is quiet an attractive machine.

    EDIT: In my opinion, naturally.
    Well a desktop is highly immobile, so i don't think i agree with this. Surely there is a need for laptops, but is there a need for powerful laptops, who really needs that much computing power in mobile shape? I have a hard time picturing anyone with one of those Alienware laptops with very high specs, who can honestly say they need an 8800 series graphics card when on the move.

    The money is simply better spent elsewhere...
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    But if you use the laptop as a thin-client (SSH or VNC, sorry for the typo above, corrected) to the powerful desktop, you get the mobility of a small and light laptop and the power of a desktop, on the laptop.

    I'm just promoting the idea of thin-client.

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