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    Quote Originally Posted by abachler View Post
    Then drop dead quick because we already use machine generated code.
    It generally helps to read posts in context. It should be pretty clear that I was responding to Magos and the idea of a technological singularity

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mario F
    Al of a sudden I see two advantages:
    I know you meant to say 'All', but it looks like 'AI'. How fitting

    Back to the topic, yes...machines are way more 'logical' than humans. Having no emotions to cause cognitive dissonance is another plus. But will this always be the case? Human consciousness is the result of a staggeringly complex level of organization and processing. It is indeed the 'highest' level client software in the known universe. The price of such advancement, the price of the miracle of most ironically the seemingly 'illogical' behaviour that is often caused by emotions.
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