Thread: Most popular game taken to Kuwait by soldiers

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    Most popular game taken to Kuwait by soldiers

    My brother is a customs inspector in Kuwait inspecting the bags of soldiers coming into the country. We recently discussed the subject of games that soldiers bring with them. Anyone care to guess what it is?

    This is of course completely unscientific, since he didnt keep actual numbers.

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    Call of Duty 4? Guitar Hero?

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    I would have expected "a deck of cards", but I don't know if that counts as a game, as such.

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    yeah that is what I would guess too: a deck of cards.

    Possibly also: Risk or Settlers of Catan

    I didn't know soldiers really brought computers or gaming consoles with them...
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    Chess or checkers maybe. Remember seeing a documentary where soldiers where playing chess.
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    They should play blindfold chess
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    Well, im sure cards and chess/checkers are also popular, but as for computer games, its Diablo II. Game of the year 1998. Apparently its because its still an actively played game and it will run on the low end laptops most soldeirs take to the desert. For those of you that havent been there, the 'sand' is really more like dust, it gets into everything and will pretty much ruin a laptop and any CD or DVD you take will get sand blasted.

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