Thread: Do you drink coffee?

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    Do you drink coffee?

    Or other caffeinated drinks? I do. I'll proudly die an addict. Just try and take it away from me. I dare you.

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    I'm caffeinated. Have you tried anything like Red Bull? I wonder if it's any good.

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    No coffee for me. Tea on occasions, but no coffee. If I need caffeine, I drink soda; Preferably Coca-Cola. I will drink Red Bull, occasionally, but usually with vodka.
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    I drink way, way too much coffee. More out of habit than an actual need for caffeine. I don't get headaches or jitters if I don't have it. It just nags me at the back of my mind "Coffee... Coffee..."

    I should switch to an herbal tea. Too bad I can't just drink beer at work.

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    I've never liked coffee, but tea isn't bad.
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    I usually can't stand hot / warm / luke drinks. Ice cold or bust. The excpetions are when I'm viciously ill or so cold I could freeze... water. Or something.

    95% of what I drink in a month is water (bottled & tap) the rest is whiskey and cola (mostly together).
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    I don't like the taste or smell of coffee. Nasty.

    I have a buddy who, several years ago when he and his wife were pumping out kids, had to make and drink his coffee in the garage every morning. When pregnant, his wife couldn't stand the smell coffee or she would hurl.

    EDIT: I get my caffeine from candy bars, and my corn from a jar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by citizen View Post
    I'm caffeinated. Have you tried anything like Red Bull? I wonder if it's any good.
    Tastes like crap. Starbucks for me, iced tea when I don't feel like coffee. Arabic/Turkish coffee every once in a while.

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    I'm a coffee type of person too. Drink from my faithful mugs and drink something like 5 to 7 mugs daily. Black, no sugar. I'm a man of bad habits...

    Dun like fat though, or stand alcohol. I get drunk just from smelling it. I'm the laughingstock of me buddies. But they can't handle coffee as I do.
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    Coke for me.

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    I love the smell of coffee.

    But I have never drank any coffee. Never will.
    I don't drink tea either. It's disgusting anyways.

    An occasional coke.

    I like juice the most honestly. Juice is awesome.
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    Can't stand tea, it's like drinking leaves in hot water -- oh wait!

    Usually coke, or coffee out of our big fancy machine.

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    I drink coffee. coffee, coffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffee. I have also drunk V, but not red bull (this is occasionally though), V tastes pretty good from what I can remember. I drink coffee max once a week, I like it better than alcohol (Vodka only, hate the taste of wine or beer)
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    Coffee's good stuff! Why there are people who don't like it even around is a mystery to me.
    Must be a birth defect.
    I drink it often, but I'm not addicted... yet.

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