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    So Russia has won... (I watch the last 10 minutes of the show yesterday evening).

    The only word I could understand from his mumbo jumbo english was the word "believe"... and what do you know , the title of the song was .. right "Believe"... Also when they started to thank the fans etc , all they could say or at least what they were trying to say was: "we won!" - then some russian talk :-).

    Thank god the people in Belgium who were giving live comment on it were just too funny (at least I had a good laugh).

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    Russia had a good song 2 years ago. This one was simply boring.
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    What? Was it on? I missed it... I feel a little empty for missing it and I really don't know why.

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    Hehe, Germany totally came out at the bottom. And nobody should be surprised.
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    I gawked in horror as Russia's sassy love song, was climbing.
    I found no comfort in the second place being occupied by a Mariah Carey's greek copycat.
    I tried to flee and hide under the third place, but it was crowded with ukraine's american-spanish mtv wannabes.

    My blood pressure was climbing, and the only thing saving me from an agonizing death was a bucket and the comic relief given by the Swedish country representative when he was casting the votes.

    I actually liked that Laca guy from Bosnia and Herzegovina. He should have won. I didn't like Georgia song so much after I heard it this second time. France was not bad either and Spain deserved a better place. The song was easy, but was funny. I was also impressed by the Turkish band. Almost pure rock. Would like to know the lyrics.

    EDIT: it's funny to witness... every since the voting was changed to this telecast nonsense, immigrants are the ones who decide who wins. Since most immigrants come from eastern europe... yeah.
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