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    Quote Originally Posted by manav View Post
    Thanks for the link Guy!
    I am already started abhorring C++
    You can't always believe what you read, mate. That wasn't very fair at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by citizen View Post
    You can't always believe what you read, mate. That wasn't very fair at all.
    Umm ... well I think C++ is not an outright wrong language, otherwise it would not have existed for so long, but he made strong points, see the detailed descriptions that he posted on the site.

    Except for one thing, that, every one will wonder why he has to hate a language so much, as, to develop a website for his ousting of emotions. I really find him relevant in his views. I do not mind that someone expresses what he finds bad in a popular tool of software programing.

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    Well, it seems like most objections are based on:
    1. You mustn't generate assembler code, since it make the compiled code unportable.

    2. You mustn't have a possibility for the compiler vendor to extend the language, or have any oppurtunity for the compiler vendor to have bugs in the compiler. [I don't know which language would actually fulfill a guarantee of not having bugs in the interpretation, code generation or runtime stages - although seeing such bugs are quite rare in a stable language on a stable OS with an established compiler].

    3. Many choices in a language makes it bad (apparently), since it means that no one can learn the entire language. Well, yeah, that may be so.

    I can't say I'm 100% up to speed with C++ after having worked for 9 months or so in a C++ only environment (although I've done a lot work on a driver written by a third party using C - but test-code and our interface code is in C++).

    Compilers can produce warnings - make the compiler programmers happy: Use them!
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