Thread: in one month i shall return.

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    in one month i shall return.

    sorry no drama, you've ruined my life. no more netting. no more... don't reply it's already closed. don't care. nothing. done. good bye. care not, waste not, want not. no drama... chasing the AKTIF...
    hasafraggin shizigishin oppashigger...

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    left crog... back when? incognito's Avatar
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    Ok, one it's not closed, two how did we ruin your life, and three why are you leaving, for how long?
    There are some real morons in this world please do not become one of them, do not become a victim of moronitis. PROGRAMMING IS THE FUTURE...THE FUTURE IS NOW!!!!!!!!!

    "...The only real game I thank in the world is baseball..." --Babe Ruth

    "Life is beautiful"-Don Corleone right before he died.

    "The expert on anything was once a beginner" -Baseball poster I own.

    Left cprog on 1-3-2005. Don't know when I am coming back. Thanks to those who helped me over the years.

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    Well goodbye doubleanti for now...enjoy your lyfe away from here.

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    >in one month i shall return

    hm... is that a threat ?

    She was so Blonde, she spent 20 minutes looking at the orange juice can because it said "Concentrate."

    When in doubt, read the FAQ.
    Then ask a smart question.

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    Mmmm is that what the magistrates are issuing now! one month for what you got up to....................PAH!

    just hope you don't get banged up with a dirty big greasy rocker who's doin 10 years....
    "HEY BOY YOU IS MA B**CH!" (hehehe)
    Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his
    shoes. After that, who cares.. He's a mile away and you've got
    his shoes.
    ************William Connoly

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    me thinks this is a tease... DA, you're not goin anywhere...

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