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    C Prog.. Help

    Hey guys..
    I have written a code for one of my projects with the help of one of my other freind..
    Just wanted someone to check the psuedocode for me plz?

    If i could have some ones email address so that i could email it to them.. pleaseeeeeeeee
    its very urgent

    I am not posting it here due to the large number of visitors ( including my mates) whom are going to see this..and we will all end up getting 0 ..

    So please some1 help...

    Im waiting for some replies..


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    You will get a 0 for people helping you out with your code? I don't see why, personally. Even most college professors don't have a problem with you getting help on your code as long as you write it yourself and do not plagiarize. But getting help has never been a problem.

    There are some cases where you are supposed to do a project 100% by yourself with absolutely no help from the outside world (including books, the internet, a friend, a TA, a teacher, etc.), but usually that is in some closed room with some time limit (programming contests are often like that).

    Whatever the case may be....we at cprog don't normally just do peoples homework for them. Post what you need help with on the C/C++ board.
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    well i didnt mean that if i get help ill end up getting 0.. i meant that if i post it here..since all of us are doing the same projects and i have done it and no one else have..
    so they will just end up copying me and we will all get 0..

    so i would be very gratful if i could have someonez email address ( the moderators pereferably) email them..


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    Perhaps you should deposit what you have now with your professor to prove that you wrote it, then post the code here. This way, you're immune to the plagiarizing danger.
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