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    13 54.17%
  • um, I watched the commercials

    2 8.33%
  • Super Bowl?

    6 25.00%
  • there was a great movie on at the same time

    1 4.17%
  • I did but my team lost so I don't want to say I watched it

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Thread: Did you watch the super bowl

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    there were a couple of good commercials but not enough for me to justify watching the entire thing rather than doing my math homework, oh well. Now answer me this, how do they manage to make the halftime show so crappy year after year. U2 a band that used to be great comes out and sings 2 of their worst songs ever. :sigh: maybe there next cd wont be as bad
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    You kidding me, European soccer rules. Here's some math for you.

    European soccer=American soccer*100

    This is why America always sucks in the World Cup.

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    Thanks nvoigt.
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    Yesah, those were some of the lamest Super Bowl ads I've
    ever seen. Game was great, especially the ending. Bono was
    great. The holograph or whatever you want to call it of the
    names of the Sept. 11 victims was heart-rending, and the
    reaction of the crown at the end of the half time show was by
    far the loudest I've ever heard. Madden and summerall were
    solid. I loved Madden's gaffe at the end when he criticized the
    Pats for going for the win instead of a tie. He'll be eating a
    lot of crow for that one, although I'm sure he'll stick to his guns
    about playing for a tie. Pats would have lost for sure if they did that.

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    I watched it.
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    Game was good,

    commercials lame,

    I was in vegas, having fun,

    betting the odds

    winning money!

    ------ does anyone else agree that the odds were obscene?
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    It seems like I'm the only soccer hater here :sigh:. But yes, that was the best super bowl I've ever seen, because every time it's a close game my team seems to find a way to lose (Titans' Kevin Dyson 2 yards short). I think that was Kevin Dyson. Anyway, soccer (fake football) is trash. Most americans realize that, that must be why
    European soccer=American soccer*100
    cuz american soccer is crap. Commercials were trash, and I noticed something else. There was a 2 hour pregame show (booooooooorrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiing after 30 minutes), a kickoff show, a halftime show, and a postgame show. Why do we need so many? Just show the damn game, and at halftime all we need is the cheerleaders.

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