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    about stealth

    hey stealth, just noticed your signature...

    "Tangerine, Tangerine, Living reflection from a dream;
    I was her love, she was my queen, And now a thousand years

    it is really great!!!! what is it? Poe or something?

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    _B-L-U-E_ Betazep's Avatar
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    Measuring a summer's day.
    I only find it slips away to grey.
    The hours, they bring me pain.


    Thinking how it used to be.
    Does she still remember times like these?
    To think of us again, and I do.

    III, 1970

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    It's from Led Zeppelin's song "Tangerine" from their 1970 album III. Betazep has provided the rest of the lyrics below. It's one of my favourite songs, and it the lyrics really touch me for some reason, that's why it's my sig.

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    i don't really like the music of Led but these lyrics are great.
    i don't know but i would like to hear that it was Poe's words.
    now i know that it is a metaforical meaning.


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