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    A vector has a direction and magnitude. The x, y, and z represent the direction, the length represents the magnitude. Indeed, the maths and graphics vectors are the same thing.
    I'm pretty sure he meant different by complexity, as the rest of the quote would imply, not by definition. Regardless, I would disagree that they differ so much by complexity, anyway. I'm sure if you were to look into the code of the most advanced physics engines in games... you'd find that the vector mathmatics there was as complicated as any practical math problem. The place where calculus gets fuzzy that practical gaming applications wouldn't really go is where they consider an undefined number of dimensions. I'm not a game programmer, anyway, so I couldn't really comment farther than that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nightwolfe00 View Post
    Hi how are you?I need some advice Sorry if it of topic.

    The thing is that I am doing a major in Hospitality and Tourism management at college here in Jamaica. I recently started to wonder why I was so interested in Information Technology and programming when i was doing a tourism major. People started to ask me why i am not doing I.T.

    I am not really good at math so thats why i decided to choose a different career path but i am still drawn back to programming and I.T. I was wondering how much math, physics, etc. would i need to know to even consider I.T. I was told by colleagues that i need to be good in math to do it.
    It depends completely on the application domain you choose. My advice? Learn SAP and bill clients $200 per hour. A lot of the programming is getting off shored to cheap labor nowadays.

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