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    Ok Guys

    First, let me state that am a livid C and assembly programmer. A few months ago, I embarked on my journey to learn C++. In my quest the following are the conclusions I have
    come to. C++ is everything I have heard it to be, the benefits that C++ offers over C far outways it faults (speed and exe size), and I truly like the new and delete constructs over malloc and free functions. IMHO, C++ is a great language but a better C, maybe.

    OOP surely surpasses the procedural method of programming, so their was a reason for the progression
    of C to C++, but did it go to far. I mean, come on give me a brake as programmers we should program! Operator overloading, function overloading, inline functions, Reference, Execptions and the jury is still out on namespaces, I consider these trinkets! Hell, even in C their are some constructs that I dont bother to use such as unions and enums, programmer
    preference. Think, before we had any of these tools programmers coded as needed.

    My style of programming follows the old addage, KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid. I program in C++, my methology
    is Object oriented if need be, but I think as a c programmer. I am just wondering as programmers do we use enough common sense i.e., programmer preference or are we lead into excepting verbose tools. Finally, I know that I have not spent enough time in my transition to C++ so I leave that to your responses.
    Man's mind once streched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions
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    >I program in C++, my methology is Object oriented if need be, >but I think as a c programmer.

    Why? C++ offers more ease when implementing object oriented designs, so why should you think as a C programmer, whose way is procedural, when programming in C++?

    OOP is nice, implementing such designs makes large systems more maintanable and better extendable. By the way, you can implement object oriented designs also in C or assembly.

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