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    Question Sample Software Development Proposal ?


    Can anyone please tell me where I can find a sample software development proposal? For example, if I want to hire a software firm to develop a customised application for my organization, then what should be in the proposal/contract?

    I've been trying to search the internet but can't find what I am looking for?

    Can someone please provide me a sample that real software developing companies do?

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    This is probably WAY outside the scope that you could post in this forum, but here are some things to consider:
    1. Describe the exact requirements in a separate document. Then consider what happens if those req's change.

    2. How is the software to be tested. On what platforms, arhitectures, different variants of hardware, etc?

    3. Acceptance criteria. Test specification, performance requirements would affect this. Memory footprint, is the amount of memory that the software uses of importance? If so, how is it measured, and what are the limits.

    4. Negotiated timeframe and price. You will most likely have to involve legal people to get the contract agreed both sides. This will cover for example what happens if the acceptance criteria isn't met in the timeframe expected? What if the performance is not working right.

    The contract must also cover what happens with LATE requirement changes.

    Prototypes/alpha/beta versions - are you receiving "incremental updates" so that YOU can test the software, and what happens if those are not matching your expressed or implied requirements [implied requirements are such things that you took for granted, but the contractor "missed", either on purpose or by misunderstandings/miscommunication or neglect - try to avoid having implied requirements, but it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to completely avoid those - so expect to get some "negotiation" on that].

    5. Be very specific in your requirements if you wish to have any expectancy to get the required software to match your req's. Any software contractor will "read the contract like the devil reads the bible", meaning that they will take ANY shortcut possible to avoid work that they can get out of.

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    Thanks matsp for your kind reply.

    I've posted the question here since many of the forum members here work in software industries. So, I was hoping to get some real example of a software developing contract as I have no idea how a real contract looks like.

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    Well, I am still a student, but I work as a programmer on campus, and my department has at times contracted us out to do work for other departments that need programming work done. There isn't as much in terms of legal issues going on because it is all "in-campus" stuff, but there is still some.

    I don't know much about what went on behind the scenes because all I know is I was a programmer asked to do a project, and I did the project as I was asked, but I do know that as student programmers we were contracted out at $30/hour. I don't know if that is a standard rate or if it is a lower rate based on the fact that we are students, but eh...doesn't matter.
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