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    I'm trying to decide which school to attend. Its looking like a choice between Rensselaer Polytech and Worcester Polytech. WPI is closer to home, but RPI is generally considered to have better Computer Science (my intended major) programs. Do any of you have input as to which would be a better university to attend?
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    If you can afford it, farther from home is probably better, especially if they have a better program.

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    Farther from home is better for you and your parents. Empty nest syndrome is easier to get over when they can't stop by for a quick fix every weekend. They will convince themselves that the 2 hour or more trip isnt worth it, rather than you having to be a craphead and lay it out for them that this is your first chance away from home and you need room to define yoruself as an adult (which it is). Thats whats great about the military, they cant even get on post unless you make arrangements ahead of time, and thats assuming you arent off in the land of fun in the sun.

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    >> If you can afford it, farther from home is probably better, especially if they have a better program.
    Heh. And if the best is close to home move out anyway. Get out of home. Even if you move next door. Do it! There's something called cabin fever. It brews up nicely after about 18 years. Even less sometimes

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    interesting. I'm not so keen on seeing my daughter fly away to college when her time comes in a few years. So weren't my folks. Neither I felt that urge to.

    I'd suggested perhaps choose the one that will serve your aspirations better. It's completely irrelevant if it's away from home unless you don't have the money. If you do have it, choose only based on what they offer.

    You'll have 2/3 of your life to enjoy freedom from your parents or whatever. Until then you better focus on what really matters.
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    I would suggest going farther away from home. Being close to family is good, of course, but both it is good to finally get out on your own and get some real experience living away from home. When I lived in Italy, I noticed that most Italians live with their parents at least until they are 30....some even longer than that.....that's unheard of around here
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    I think it's great that the younger generation wishes to put space between them and their parents (truly, we enjoy it too!). Now, if I can just get my own son to stop finishing his phone calls to home with; Dad, I need more money...

    Damn Kid has been in college forever (wants to be a doc) and frankly I'm either going to run out of money or die before he graduates.

    So yea, by all means move as far away as possible and if you can, don't gobble up all of your parents money in the process.

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    Its not their money, its my money, Im just lettign them hold on to it until they die

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