Thread: who's the best guitarist

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    Do I get the feeling I've seen this thread before?

    Fraser Thorneycroft-Smith or Stephen Rothery have to be among the best in my book for feeling and riffs....

    ...for technical excellence Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and John Petrucci.

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    Originally posted by breed

    but do you agree that black sabbath wasn't the same without ozzy?
    or do you think that dio was as good if not better for the band?

    by the way which where you fav tracks?
    Oh yeah...I dont like any of the post Ozzie went sort of glam, when before it was like evil hippie as hell

    Fav tracks;

    Sweet Leaf - Riff from hell

    Snowblind - I learned to play this years ago, easy and sounds cool on the verse

    Sabbath Bloody Sabbath - Another riff from hell

    War Pigs - I first heard the Faith no More version of this, but the original is cool too

    NIB - The bass at the start is amazing. Les Claypool(Primas) covered this with Ozzy; with him doing the bass it sounded cool as hell

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    Geez does no-one like changes ?

    Its about the only song that ozzy actually sings on lol

    War pigs! what a classic.....
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