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    Child window

    I am trying to create a very simle application just to learn somethink new.
    My aim is to create a child window which would clip on the edge of the parent window and will have its own caption...

    I tried to put as DWORD dwStyle "WS_CHILD | WS_CAPTION" but it apparantly failed to work... The window was able to move and it did clip but it was disabled even if there was no parameter of "WS_DISABLED"

    What parameters should I use in DWORD dwStyle so the created window is child and has its own caption?
    If am I getting the whole aim wrong please correct me

    Thank you for responses

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    I'm not sure exactly what you're aiming for, but I think this sounds like a MDI (multiple document interface) type solution. You might want to check out theForger's MDI tutorial and the MSDN MDI page.

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    definately sounds like MDI, which isnt simple, but isnt that hard either. Check out petzolds MDI example. I found it easy to rewrite to my needs.
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