Registry Problems

This is a discussion on Registry Problems within the Windows Programming forums, part of the Platform Specific Boards category; Ok, this isn't creating a key or a value =/ Code: HKEY tmpKey = NULL; const char * REG_KEY_NAME = ...

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    Registry Problems

    Ok, this isn't creating a key or a value =/

    	HKEY tmpKey = NULL;
    	const char * REG_KEY_NAME = "\\*\\shellex\\ContextMenuHandler\\SHA1-Hash";
    	const char * REG_VALUE_NAME = "command";
    	char key[512];
    	ZeroMemory(key, 512);
    	strcat(key, "\"");
    	strcat(key, GetCommandLine());
    	strcat(key, "\" \"%1\"");
    		if (RegSetValueEx(tmpKey, REG_VALUE_NAME, 0, REG_SZ, (const BYTE *)key, (DWORD)strlen(key)) != ERROR_SUCCESS)
    			MessageBox(NULL, "Can't create registry thing", "shyte", MB_OK);
    Meh, know what's wrong?
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    You need to master the art of scanning the documentation looking for parameters that don't meet the requirements.

    The subkey name specified by lpSubKey must not begin with the backslash character ('\\'). If it does, ERROR_BAD_PATHNAME is returned.

    Size of the information pointed to by the lpData parameter, in bytes. If the data is of type REG_SZ, REG_EXPAND_SZ, or REG_MULTI_SZ, cbData must include the size of the terminating null character or characters.
    Also verify that you are calling RegCloseKey when you are done.

    Of course, I should have picked these up the first time!

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