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    Question Textbox to File

    Hullo I'm trying to read several pieces of text from various textboxes, and throw them into a textfile on separate lines, here's what I'm using so far:

    struct QuestionTemplate
        char Q[1000];	//Holds the Question
        char A[250];	//Holds the Answer
    QuestionTemplate NewQ;
    Questions = fopen(Path, "a");
    GetWindowText(txQuestion, NewQ.Q, GetWindowTextLength(txQuestion) + 1);
    fprintf(Questions, NewQ.Q);
    GetWindowText(txAnswer, NewQ.A, GetWindowTextLength(txQuestion) + 1);
    fprintf(Questions, NewQ.A);
    The problem is that it writes it all to one line, and I'm hoping to get various lines in there. Is there something I have to concatenate to the end of the character arrays? And, if so, what would it be?


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    You should be using fstreams, and you're using fprintf improperly.
    fprintf(Questions, "%s\n", NewQ.Q);
    Also, you should check to make sure there were no errors while opening the file.
    #include <cassert>
    Questions = fopen(Path, "a");
    assert( Questions != NULL );
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    You should try the Windows Forum for such questions, as you are likely to get more replies.

    It looks like to me that GetWindowText() returns a null terminuated string from the text box, so if you wish to print each text box string on a new line, you will have to print the new line character yourself. Give it a shot, and let me know if it works.

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