Can someone explain this error?

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    Can someone explain this error?

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    hmmm...... i have been getting hits on my firewall from
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    sorry man, it's a very large image, try zipping it to make it easier to download


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    well as the compiler error indicates, your class has no copy constructor, which could look like:

    yourClass (const yourclass &c_roOther);

    #include "reallife.h"

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    Your overload looks a little odd too. Typically an assignment operator overload looks like this...

    Xyz operator = (Xyz instance)

    ... although you should always be careful about returning classes from a function without specifying a copy constructor.
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    Your assignment operator looks fine as long as it returns *this
    and copies your member variables.

    You need a copy constructor like this though:

    CLocation( const CLocation& other )
    *this = other;

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