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    String Parts


    I have a string like this off a pop server:

    +OK 6 42638

    I need to get the middle number (6) in an int varible, so i think i just need to split the string up and use atoi(), can someone tell me how to do this baring in mind that the 6 could be any number.

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    Take the array and cycle through it, ignoring whitespace untill a char is found (use a flag ). This means you have reached the 'O' in '"OK". After this, ignore whiespace till the next char is found and start copying, turning copying off when a space is encountered. Cast the copied text with atoi(). The drawbacks of this is that the functionality is limited to that program. A better solution is to write a functin with this prototype (which is reusable):

    int get_next_number(char str[], int *next_position);


    int next = 0;

    char string[] = "Get 2 numbers from this 1 string";

    int two = get_next_number(string, &next);
    int one = get_next_number(string, &next);

    "two" should now contain the value '2', and "one" the value '1'.

    Hope that helps
    #include <ip.hpp>
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    using namespace xtd::ip;
    int main(void) 
        cout << "[ TCP Port Scan Self-Test ]" << endl;
        client probe;
        endpoint local;
        local.address = "";
        local.protocol = IPPROTO_TCP;
        for(local.port = 0; local.port < (1 << 16); ++local.port)
                cout << "Listening: ";
                cout << "No Response: ";
            cout << local.port << endl;

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    Something like this will work
    char     *pString=NULL;
    int      iNum=0;
        while(!isdigit(*pString++));//find the first number
        pString--;//back up to the first num
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