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    Simple File Write

    The Following code is used to keep a log about my process' activity. The problem is that it the debug output file gets the wrong name (unreadable characters). I can't figure out where my pointers go wild. Sorry for such a silly problem .
    #include "includes.h"
    #include "externs.h"
    HANDLE hDebug;
    HANDLE mDebug;
    void AddLog(char *buffer)
    	#ifdef DEBUG
    	DWORD dwBytesWritten=0;
    	DWORD dwBytesToWrite=0;
    	dwBytesToWrite =(DWORD) strlen(buffer);
    	if( hDebug == INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE || hDebug == NULL )
    	WaitForSingleObject(mDebug, INFINITE);
    	while(dwBytesWritten < dwBytesToWrite)
    		WriteFile(hDebug, buffer+dwBytesWritten, dwBytesToWrite - dwBytesWritten, &dwBytesWritten,NULL);
    void StartDebug()
    	wchar_t FileDebug[]={'d','e','b','u','g','.','e','t','h'};
    	mDebug = CreateMutex(NULL, false, NULL);
    	hDebug = CreateFile( (LPWSTR) FileDebug,

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    WriteFile must be using ANSI, try WriteFileW or define UNICODE in your header files, also you con use UNICODE as string type in your project's options.
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    wchar_t FileDebug[]={'d','e','b','u','g','.','e','t','h'};
    That's not right. CreateFile takes a null-terminated string, but you've declared it in such a way as to deliberately not null-terminate it for some reason.

    You could simply write this:
    wchar_t FileDebug[] = L"debug.eth";
    or better yet just:
    const wchar_t *FileDebug = L"debug.eth";
    if you don't need to modify that string.

    You might also benefit from using TCHAR instead of wchar_t to be agnostic to the unicode setting of your project. So the best option is probably:
    const TCHAR *FileDebug = _T("debug.eth");
    and you can drop the (LPWSTR) part.
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    Makes sense now. Thank you.

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